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Watch Identity Thief Putlocker Online Free Full Streaming. Watch Identity Thief Online Free Full Movie (2012) The only real theft in Identity Thief is the partial loss of your life’s two hours. It’s an innocuous comedy whose trailer gives away not only the general plot line but also some of its most humorous moments, and that’s possibly inflating the comic values because there are only a few such laughable times throughout.

Watch Identity Thief in Putlocker Full-Movie HD Quality Sandy Bigelow Patterson’s (Jason Bateman) identity has been stolen by Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Melissa McCarty), and it is up to him to bring her to the police and her boss to clear up the string of fraud she has perpetrated in his name.

Identity Thief Watch Putlocker Online Free Full Once past McCarty’s stock-comic looks (short and fat) and personality (tough with a gruff exterior and soft interior), only set pieces remain, a series of on-the-road mishaps that include motel room gross outs and more than one car chase and crash. Meanwhile, Bateman does his low-key lovable but out-of-it routine, and McCarty plays up her randy free spirit.

Watch Identity Thief Full Movie Online Free Streaming Improbable as many of the situations are, they are not all weak, as evidenced by one or two verbal sparring matches between the Sandys, Bateman cool and clueless, McCarty losing us happily in her many personas.

Watch Identity Thief Online Free Full The time between January and April is a dead season, a dumping ground for movies studios know are not great but must screen sometime. Why not in the time before Oscars and the summer blockbusters? Works for them and some audience grateful for any movies at all.

Watching Identity Thief Streaming Full Movie Online Free I endured Identity Thief, having not my identity stolen but some aesthetic part of me. I’ll be waiting for May. Watch Identity Thief Putlocker Free Movie.